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Why Hire an Arborist?

You have your beautiful home and your exquisite yard. You think you have things under control, so why do you need to hire an arborist? A certified arborist is trained to look at your trees and shrubs, and may see things that an average homeowner would not even notice, including signs of decay, cankers, and […]

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Preparing for Winter: Evaluating Your Trees for Potential Hazards

While summer isn’t officially over yet, there is little doubt that fall is on its way and winter will be here before you know it. If you spent last winter in Connecticut, you know that one minute we could have a foot of snow, and the next minute it could be sunny and -2 for […]

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It’s Hurricane Season… Are You Prepared?

With Hurricane Sandy still fresh in our minds, hurricane season conjures up pictures of downed power lines and trees everywhere. A key to severe weather preparation is not waiting until the storm hits. According to Steve Nix of the Society of American Foresters, estimates of property value loss from tree storm damage can approach more […]

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Hazardous Tree Identification

Trees can be valuable both to our property value and health, but they can also present liabilities for homeowners. Poorly maintained, damaged, or diseased trees can fall or drop limbs causing injury to property and/or people. The key to minimizing hazards and liabilities is to recognize when a tree becomes hazardous and take proper actions […]

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Four Benefits of Preventative Tree Maintenance

When it comes to your landscape, the importance of preventative maintenance should never be overlooked. Regular pruning ensures that your trees will have the greatest possible growing conditions and can thrive for many years to come. Tree pruning also enhances the appearance of your property and can add to its real estate value. Possibly one […]

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