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It’s Hurricane Season… Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Tree DamageWith Hurricane Sandy still fresh in our minds, hurricane season conjures up pictures of downed power lines and trees everywhere. A key to severe weather preparation is not waiting until the storm hits. According to Steve Nix of the Society of American Foresters, estimates of property value loss from tree storm damage can approach more than one billion dollars annually depending on the severity of the weather.

Hurricanes bring storm surges, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding. Most trees that fall or are damaged during a storm could have been identified as hazardous or at-risk if they had been properly evaluated beforehand. An expert arborist can inspect your trees from top to bottom for signs of decay, cavities, cracks or other signs of damage.

Tree pruning can reduce property damage from hurricanes, tropical systems and high winds. By eliminating dead and weak branches and selectively thinning as needed, proper pruning techniques by a certified arborist, like Evergreen Arborists, allow the wind to blow through the canopy of the tree.

Before hurricane season, certain types of trees should not be planted or should be removed. Young trees with shallow roots and brittle wood and branches cause the most damage during hurricane force winds. Evergreen Arborists can provide specific information on which trees to secure or remove ahead of time.